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Basic Communication (BC) (9 credit hours)

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  • EN 101 Composition I

    This course offers instruction in the principles of written communication and practice in writing, with emphasis on paragraph construction and the essay form.
    Course Syllabus

  • EN 102 Composition II

    This course offers instruction in three basic modes of composition: summary, critique, and synthesis. It also examines the methodology of research and applies summary, critique, and synthesis in the construction of a research-based essay. Prerequisites: EN 101
    Course Syllabus

  • CA 109 Oral Communication Skills

    This course will help the student develop and apply the skills necessary to design and deliver an effective and well organized speech. The course provides instruction in the preparation and delivery of informative and persuasive speeches. The course develops competencies in the areas of critical thinking, organization of thought, creativity, planning and organizing, and public speaking.
    Course Syllabus

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