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Security Management Degree

Security Management Degrees

Security Management degrees are targeted to those pursuing opportunities in the private or industrial security industry. With specific Security Management Courses concentrating on managerial techniques, security methods and leadership, our undergraduate and graduate Security Management Degrees offer the knowledge you need to enter into this competitive field effectively.

Bachelor of Science in Security Management Degree

This career-relevant degree engages you in studies and practices directed toward entering into, or advancing in the growing security industry. The Security Management program is offered in the accelerated, cohort-based format, concentrating on managing the challenging set of issues and situations to prepare you for to succeed in this field.

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Master of Science in Security Management

Our Master of Science in Security Management Degree offers a professional approach to excelling in the private and industrial security markets. Designed to provide you with the latest industry -relevant knowledge, you will be prepared to utilize the Homeland Security philosophy through their management skills within an organization. The active learning format helps you to develop a leadership style consistent with the principles and practices necessary in the security management and emergency preparedness fields. This security management program is delivered in an accelerated format and lasts approximately 16 months.

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These security management degree programs feature rich and relevant curricula - developed by subject matter experts, and bolstered by our participation in colloquiums, partnerships, and workshops. You’ll experience learning in tune with the needs of the top agencies in the public and private sectors with. If you are looking to enter, or excel in this competitive field, we invite you to explore the security management degrees offered at Bellevue University.

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