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Institute for Advanced Professional Programs

Institute Team

Vice President and Professor: Rod Hewlett
Sr. Administrative Assistant: Melissa Flannery
Assistant Vice President, Innovation Group: Jim Lewis
Director, Academics: Lou Gruneiro
Director, Administration: Mary Chapin
Director, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: June Edwards
Program Director and Associate Professor, STEM, General Education, & Advanced Manufacturing: Therese Michels
Program Director and Assistant Professor, MFA in Creativity & Media Communications: Donna Hewlett
Program Director, Business & Entrepreneurship: Kent Burkholder
Program Director, Healthcare & Technology: Sharon Rea
Course Designers: Sr., Cara Peacock, Sonya Leeds, Beth Sanborn, Julie Dygert

The Institute for Advanced Professional Programs develops innovative and effective education programs designed to benefit professionals and aspiring professionals. The Institute’s programs are designed towards enhancing learning accountability, affordability, and access. All of the programs emphasize achieving mastery of skills for the professional, personal, and social environments.

The Institute offers degrees in a new and innovative format for learning called Flexxive®. Flexxive is designed for highly motivated, independent learners. It allows you to progress at your own pace, moving quickly through areas of strength, and slowing down on more challenging material, all while getting the support you need to be successful. It's learning that ensures you truly understand and master the knowledge and skills you'll need to advance in the workplace. Unique features of Flexxive include:

  • Self-paced
  • Performance-based learning model
  • Low tuition rate
  • Flat-rate price when taking more than 12 credit hours per term

Undergraduate degrees in Advanced Manufacturing in the Business Enterprise and in Business Administration — Business Enterprise and Essential Management Skills are the first degrees offered in this format.

At the graduate level, the Institute has launched the Master of Fine Arts in Creativity. The MFA in Creativity is unique because it blends art, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a way that will prepare you to make a living and make your dream a reality.

Launched by the Institute in July 2013, Bellevue University's new massive open online course (MOOC), Discover Your Value: Turning Experience into College Credit is designed to help you take inventory of yourself. This free, self-paced course provides you with the opportunity to explore, assess, and document learning mastered through a variety of life experiences. You will be challenged to think holistically and critically about your skills, knowledge, and performance capabilities as they relate to college-level and professional-based learning. The focus is on identifying college-level content and preparing an experiential learning portfolio, which you will have the opportunity to submit for college credit.

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