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Dr. John Kyndt

  • Title: Assistant Professor / Program Director, Professional Sciences
  • College: College of Science and Technology
  • Email Address:
  • Department Home
  • Office Phone: (402)557-7551
  • Office Location: #4149 Educational Services Building
  • Degrees Awarded: Ph.D. Biochemistry (2003), University of Ghent (Belgium); Master in Biochemistry (1997), University of Ghent (Belgium); Bachelor in Chemistry (1993), University of Ghent (Belgium); Associate Certificate in Entrepreneurship (2010), University of Arizona
  • Experience: Research Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Arizona (2007-2012); Post-doc in Biochemistry and Protein Engineering, University of Ghent, Belgium (2006-2007); Post-doc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Arizona (2003-2006)
  • Specialization(s): Scientific: renewable fuel research, photobiochemistry, optogenetics, and water purification. Entrepreneurship: business plan development, financial projecting for new innovations, project planning and supervision of technology ventures.
  • Research: Biofuels (specifically adaptation of algae for enhanced fuel production); biochemistry and molecular biology (genetic manipulation of algae and bacteria); cytochrome bc1 complex; disaccharide phosphorylases; bacterial photoreceptors and optogenetics.
  • Publications: Peer reviewed articles (most recent 10 only):
    • Photokinetic, biochemical and structural features of chimeric photoactive yellow protein constructs. Kyndt, J.A, Meyer, T.E., Olson, K., Van Beeumen, J.J., and Cusanovich, M. A., 2013, Photochem. Photobiol. 89, 349-360.
    • A Comparison of Nannochloropsis salina Growth Performance in Two Outdoor Pond Designs: Conventional Raceways versus the ARID Pond with Superior Temperature Management. Crowe, B., Attalah, S., Agrawal, S., Waller, P., Ryan, R., Ogden, K., Kacira, M., Kyndt, J., Van Wagenen, J., and Heusemann, M., 2012, Int. J. Chem. Engin. 12, Article ID 920609, 9 pages.
    • The growing family of photoactive yellow proteins and their presumed functional roles. Meyer, T.E., Kyndt, J.A., Memmi, S., Moser, T., Colón-Acevedo, B., Devreese, B., Van Beeumen, J.J., 2012, Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 11, 1495-1514.
    • Tyrosine triad at the interface between the Rieske iron-sulfur protein, cytochrome c1 and cytochrome c2 in the bc1 complex of Rhodobacter capsulatus. Kyndt, J.A., Fitch, J.C., Berry, R.E., Stewart, M.C., Whitley, K., Walker, A.F., and Cusanovich, M.A., 2012, BBA BioEnergetics 1817, 811-818.
    • Evidence from the structure and function of cytochromes c(2) that nonsulfur purple bacterial photosynthesis followed the evolution of oxygen respiration. Meyer, T.E., Van Driessche, G., Ambler, R., Kyndt, J., Devreese, B., Van Beeumen, J., and Cusanovich, M.A., 2010, Arch. Microbiol. 192, 855-865.
    • Occurrence and sequence of Sphaeroides Heme Protein and diheme cytochrome C in purple photosynthetic bacteria in the family Rhodobacteraceae. Meyer, T.E., Kyndt, J.A., and Cusanovich, M.A., 2010, BMC Biochem. 11, 24.
    • Crystallization and X-ray diffraction studies of inverting trehalose phosphorylase from Thermoanaerobacter sp. Van Hoorebeke, A., Stout, J., Van der Meeren, R., Kyndt, J., Van Beeumen, J., and Savvides, S.N., 2010, Acta Cryst. F66, 442-447.
    • Regulation of the Ppr histidine kinase by light-induced interactions between its photoactive yellow protein and bacteriophytochrome domains. Kyndt, J.A., Fitch, J.C., Seibeck, S., Borucki, B., Heyn, M.P., Meyer, T.E., Cusanovich, M.A., 2010, Biochemistry 49, 1744-54.
    • Crystallization and X-ray diffraction studies of cellobiose phosphorylase from Cellulomonas uda. Van Hoorebeke, A., Stout, J., Kyndt, J., De Groeve, M., Dix, I., Desmet, T., Soetaert, W., Van Beeumen, J., and Savvides, S., 2010, Acta Cryst. F 66, 346-51.
    • Photoactive yellow protein from the halophilic bacterium Salinibacter ruber. Memmi, S., Kyndt, J.A., Meyer, T.E., Devreese, B., Cusanovich, M., and Van Beeumen, J.J., 2008, Biochemistry 47, 2014-2024.
  • Books: Algae: Coloring the future green. Kyndt, J.A, and D'Silva, A., 2013, Arizona, US, e-book.

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