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Dr. Julia Cronin-Gilmore

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • College: College of Business
  • Email Address:
  • Office Phone: (402)557-7577 or (800) 756-7920 Ext. 557-7577
  • Office Location: #200K Hitchcock Humanities Center
  • Subject(s): Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Global Brand Marketing, Marketing Research, and Electronic Marketing
  • Degrees Awarded: Ph.D., M.A, and B.S.
  • Experience: Director of Marketing; College/University professor.
  • Specialization(s): Marketing, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Electronic Marketing, Service Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Management, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior, and Dissertation Research
  • Book: Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2010). Small Business Marketing Strategy. (1st ed.). VDM Publications.
  • Awards: EXCELLENCE IN ONLINE TEACHING AWARD – 2013, Bellevue University; PINNACLE AWARD - 2012, American Marketing Association, Omaha, NE Chapter; EDWARD A. FILENE AWARD – 2011, Credit Union National Association, Inc; BOARD OF DIRECTORS AWARD – 2010, Nebraska Credit Union League and the Credit Union National Association, Inc; DIRECT MARKETER OF THE YEAR TOAST- 2010, Mid America Direct Marketing Association; WHO’S WHO IN COLLEGIATE FACULTY - 2010/2011 Edition; CAMBRIDGE WHO’S WHO AMONG EXECUTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN - 2007/2008 Edition; WHO’S WHO AMONG AMERICA’S TEACHERS, 11th Edition 2006/2007, and 10th Edition 2005/2006; KOTOUC FAMILY PROFESSORSHIP AWARD – 2005, Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Certifications: SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE CERTIFICATION - 2012 National Association of Federal Credit Unions; FINANCIAL LITERACY CERTIFICATION -2011 National Association of Federal Credit Unions
  • Publications: Cronin-Gilmore, J., Bates, M., Brown, D. (2013) Exploring qualitative factors in charitable donors’ giving during a recession. Portland, OR
    Cronin-Gilmore, J., Carter, D. (2012). Proceedings from The Academic Forum Conference: Creating a Storytelling Case. Santa Fe, NM
    SAC Federal Credit Union. (2012). Continue to Rise 2011-2012 Annual Report, Treasurer’s Report. Bellevue, NE: Dr. Julia Cronin-Gilmore
    Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2012) Letter from the Editor. 1 (1) Journal for Excellence in Business Education.
    Cronin-Gilmore, J., Bates, M., Brown, D. (2012) United Way of the Midlands community relations study. 10 (1) Journal of Academic and Business Ethics. (ISSN#1941-336X)
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    Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2010). United States Distance Learning Association. Creating an Online Course that Captures a Student’s Attention. Retrieved July 27, 2010 Audio Recording: PowerPoint:
    Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2010). Faculty Focus: Dr. Julia Cronin-Gilmore Bellevue University Marketing Professor’s Dedication and Innovation a Testimonial to Quality Learning.
    Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2010) Bellevue University Career Avenues Blog, “Brand You” When you send a resume to a prospective employer, you are in essence a brand. The five levels of branding were discussed and how one can improve their brand being more successful in the job interview process.
    Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2009) Community Profile Report Susan G. Komen for the Cure Nebraska Affiliate. Retrieved from:
    Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2009) Exploring marketing strategies for small businesses in the United States. (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest database.
    Cronin-Gilmore (2007) contributor to What’s in a Name? By Ed Avis: Expert knowledge on branding appeared in the article: “Branding a company is essentially creating the ‘big idea’ that will meet expectations that one has about a company,” says Cronin-Gilmore. “You want a name that can be easily remembered, is fun or interesting, will still be fitting years from now, and that you’ll be able to legally protect.”
    Omaha World Herald Community Connection, January 4, 2008: Campus Life, article about Bellevue University’s MBA marketing strategy course creating a marketing campaign for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure
    The View, Bellevue University Publication, Volume 15, winter 2008/2009
    Balance is Key to MBA Student Success – by student Chris Lozano “Professor Gilmore provides her students with regular feedback, and challenges them to consider options, which can lead to intense discussions. Professor Gilmore really makes you think... She was incredibly involved with us, and ensured that we finished her classes with knowledge and information that will help us in the future. I have learned so much in the last year, it’s unbelievable.”
    The View, Bellevue University Publication, Volume 11, winter 2008: MBA Marketing Class Designs Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • Research: Board of directors: groupthink, tokenism, women and nonprofit boards, diversity in boards, recruiting younger members, and governance from afar,
    Technology in education: simulations and models, global learning, virtual manipulative objects, probes and sensors, efficient assessment, storytelling and multimedia, E-Books, epistemic games, and digital learning.
    Strategy, determining competitive advantage and sustainment, strategic leadership, ethics, biases and strategic decision-making, the internal and external environment, understanding alliances, and change in organizations.
    United Way of the Midlands, Community Relations Research Project, 2010: Donor engagement, donor loss, branding, earnings, charitable giving, donor elasticity, and cross elasticity of demand.
    Creating online courses, 2009: population figures, physical classrooms versus online data, enriching and enhancing courses, practical strategies, integrating elements such as case students, webcams, podcasts, internet sites, videos and interactivity.
    Small business marketing, networking, firm resources and sustained competitive advantage, resource disadvantage, competition and cooperation, growth, business partnerships and alliances, stakeholders, strategies, survival chances, organizational competence, and knowledge resources.

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