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Banking Operations Management Degree - Bachelor of Science


Major Requirements (36 credit hours)

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  • BANK 300 Banking Foundation

    Overview of bank operations to include organizational structure, regulatory environment, profit generation and growth strategies. Banking activities including retail, commercial, investment, and international banking products and services are introduced.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 310 Banking Organization

    Alignment of a bank’s goals and objectives to Key Performance Indicators are discussed in relation to leadership strategies, management approaches and departmental goal development. Key performance indicators measuring bank performance including sales levels, fraud losses and cross-selling are examined relative to developing departmental goals and individual performance objectives.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 315 Service Quality

    Service plan and service-level diagnostics are employed to assess client loyalty, service quality and productivity impact. Analysis of service, direct sales, and cross-sell referral strategies to optimize operational levels are addressed.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 320 Bank Operations and Regulations

    Evaluation of bank security, regulations, risks, fraud and overall banking operational procedures. Case analyses of operational situations are used to analyze compliance strategies which mitigate organizational threats and risks.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 330 Market Segmentation in Banking

    Exploration of value creation marketing strategies specific to the banking industry and the use and analysis of market data to assess competition, operational excellence, benchmarks and product mix.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 400 Leading a Team

    Application of leadership approaches and management tools designed to motivate bank team members to realize enhanced client growth and operational efficiencies including techniques for effective observational coaching and feedback.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 420 Financial Analysis

    Industry-specific financial reporting documents including the annual report, balance sheet, income statement, and net worth statement are introduced and analyzed. Also emphasized is the application and analysis of key financial ratios measuring growth and fiscal stability.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 430 Strategic Planning

    Focuses on approaches to and elements of the strategic planning within banking operations. Included is strategic plan development which focuses on cost management, expansion of existing and development of new client relationships. Also included are organizational and internal cultural influences on strategic plan development and deployment.
    Course Syllabus

  • BANK 440 Facilitating Bank Success Capstone

    The capstone project integrates work from previous courses into a comprehensive portfolio. It will demonstrate strong competence in bank operations and management, regulation and compliance practices and the strategic leadership skills necessary to develop team members and build customer relationships.

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