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Graduation and Beyond

As you move towards degree conferral and participating in the commencement ceremony, it is essential that you plan for the "next step"—life after graduation.

A common direction for students to choose upon graduation is full-time employment, or if you are already employed you may be seeking a promotion or additional responsibility. The job-seeking process is not always easy; it requires a mastery of many important life skills, such as writing a resume or participating in a job interview. Fortunately, there are many resources available to aid you in this process, including our Career Services, professors, and your peers. Also, do not forget to utilize the internet as a tool for publishing resumes and investigating potential employers. Since a thorough and comprehensive job search can last several months, be sure to start early.

Another option is to continue with a program of academic study—typically a graduate degree. Bellevue University has several graduate programs, as well as a Ph.D. program. Please allow yourself enough time to complete the application and to work through the admissions requirements.

Whatever post-graduation path you may choose, know that there are many ways to engage in lifelong learning. Even if you choose not to continue immediately with your formal studies, it does not mean the end of your education. There are always chances to learn within your job, through projects, training programs, and other learning opportunities. Regardless of the path you choose after leaving Bellevue University, always remember that your degree, while extremely valuable, is certainly not the end of your education— it is only a foundation for years of learning yet to come.

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