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View a Demonstration of Our Online Learning Experience

View a Demonstration of Our Online Learning Experience

How Online Learning Works

What makes an online learning program great?

Whichever institution you choose to earn your online degree, consider these key questions:

Does the school have a demonstrated commitment to online learning?

One of the first universities to commit to distance learning, Bellevue University offered its initial degree program online more than ten years ago. Our goal always has been to ensure that every Bellevue University student receives the rich and interactive learning experience for which we’re known. We have delivered on this commitment by establishing the Bellevue University Center for Learning Innovation. This special resource for the University community and our community of learners is dedicated to assuring that the learning experience of our online students is as rich and rewarding as the experience our classroom students receive. The Center for Learning Innovation is responsible for training faculty to be effective online, supporting online students, helping to prepare curricula online, and monitoring the online student experience on a continuing basis.

Does the school provide faculty with specialized online teaching instruction and tools?

Bellevue University’s approach to exceptional online learning starts at the top, with our faculty. All of our online instructors participate in a rigorous 6-week training program on online course delivery techniques. They also have the resources they need to successfully deliver meaningful instruction and provide interactive learning experiences for our online students. Our faculty actually experience online learning that helps them prepare dynamic, online, learner-focused courses that inspire students. Because our instructors spend time learning online themselves, they approach teaching from the student’s point of view, knowing firsthand what works. We provide leading-edge equipment as it becomes available to our faculty, and we interact constantly with them to make sure that students receive an enriching online experience.

Bellevue University’s faculty members recognize learning when it occurs online. They have access to a wide range of assessment techniques that allow students to demonstrate that they have grasped necessary knowledge and are able to integrate new skills.

At Bellevue University, the course content is dynamic, the course delivery is designed specially for online learning, and the faculty are trained to teach online in a way that is engaging, energetic, and effective.

Are online presentations active and stimulating?

Bellevue University knows that online learning involves much more than dry, static presentations that have been hastily converted to fit the Internet.

Students can view lectures live as they are presented, or at a time more convenient for them. Chat sessions can be saved for reviewing later. Online faculty have access to multimedia teaching tools that allow them to present live demonstrations, event simulations, and presentation of techniques. Students not only hear about concepts – they see them in action.

Does the school have specific guidelines for online content and online classroom participation?

One way to evaluate a school’s commitment to online learning is to know if specific guidelines for online learning have been established. It’s surprising how few colleges and universities have taken this elementary, but crucial step. Bellevue University’s goal of achieving interactive, engaging online classes required that we establish a set of guidelines that must be maintained to assure you a positive experience. These guidelines are embodied in our award-winning online classroom learning model, and involve these benefits:

  • We help you feel comfortable with online learning.
    Our first guideline requires that the online delivery system never interferes with learning. That is why we established a visual design for all of our online courses, which enhances knowledge and understanding. Our students report that they immediately feel comfortable working online and exchanging information with their instructors and classmates. And, because this same design is used for all of our classes, the more you participate in Bellevue University online courses, the more comfortable you feel.
  • We give you the support you need online.
    We believe it’s important to help you access your classroom when it’s convenient for you, so you can enter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, we provide person-to-person technical support by phone or email.
  • Programs designed to be flexible for your lifestyle.
    Bellevue University’s online learning model combines the flexibility of "anytime, any place" distance learning with the responsiveness of a classroom. You are assigned to class groups and are encouraged to interact with your classmates. Our vast experience in online delivery demonstrates that this blending of individual study with classroom learning is the most effective way to spark meaningful results.
  • Both you and your instructors stay focused on the goal.
    Bellevue University's award-winning online classrooms are monitored to assure that you are logged into class, that you are participating appropriately, and that faculty are responding to your work fully and helpfully.
  • We formally track student satisfaction.
    It is true that if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Bellevue University’s commitment to providing a positive online learning experience extends to a formal student satisfaction measurement program that is regularly monitored and rigorously reviewed for continuous improvement.

Bottom line: With Bellevue University’s award-winning online classroom, we make learning online a seamless experience, so you can focus on what you’re learning instead of worrying about how to access what you need to learn online.

Does the school support online students with easy access to learning resources?

The Bellevue University Freeman/Lozier Library provides complete access to extensive research materials from anywhere in the world, anytime. You can peruse thousands of journals and millions of full-image and text articles, access premium databases such as the Encyclopedia Britannica, Facts on File, Lexis Nexis, and Kiplinger Business Reports. You also can contact a librarian online real time for help referencing the material you need to enrich your study.

Does the school provide you with easy access to student records?

Using the Bellevue Real-Time User Information Network, or B.R.U.I.N., you can access records anytime it’s convenient for you. This includes checking progress toward degree completion, viewing academic history, viewing the course catalog, registering for classes online, and more.

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