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Flexxive® Learning

Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. As a result, you may not be able to juggle the responsibilities of school, work and home. That’s where Flexxive® comes in.

Flexxive is for highly motivated, independent learners who have already completed 60 college credit hours. With Flexxive, you determine your pace — and your performance determines your progress. Breeze through what you already know, or slow down and receive help on the materials you find more challenging.

Learn More About Your Team of Three

When you need help, you'll work closely with a team of three Bellevue University faculty and staff members — your own community of support. Your Faculty Member, Student Coach and Qualified Reader will be there to assist you from start to finish.

Each Flexxive program has several sections. To progress through the program, you have to prove you’ve mastered the topics covered in each section before you can continue on to the next.

The first 12 credit hours of your Flexxive degree will be $250 per credit hour with a $100 resource fee each term. However, if you choose to move faster through the courses, you can save over 50% on the total cost of completing your degree. Plus, you won't be expected to re-enroll in surprise pre-requisite general education courses-- we know you don't have time for that.

Flexxive tuition rates as of October 2013

To see if Flexxive is right for you, take our Flexxive readiness assessment or contact an admissions counselor at 1.800.756.7920.

Flexxive Programs

Advanced Manufacturing in the Business Enterprise
Business Enterprise and Essential Management Skills

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