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Ways to Earn Credit

88%* of Bellevue University's 2013-14 graduates transferred previously earned college credit to help complete their bachelor's degree.

Credits toward General Education Core Curriculum, majors, and electives may be earned through:

  • Bellevue University courses - Bellevue University courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business or College of Professional Studies.
  • Transfer Agreements - Transfer credit from other accredited institutions of higher education completed with a grade of 'C' or higher, or earned as part of an associate degree. The Kirkpatrick Signature Series courses must be completed in residence. To see how credits transfer, please visit the Transfer Credit Guide.
  • CLEP/DSST Testing - Credits from CLEP, DSST, or ACT/RCE testing.
  • Experiential Learning Assessment (E.L.A.) - Credits through Experiential Learning Assessment (E.L.A.).
  • Non-Traditional Learning - Credit earned through non-college learning as authorized by the guide of the American Council on Education (A.C.E.), by articulation agreement with Bellevue University or other accredited and approved forms of college-level learning.
  • Military Credits and Training - Military experience and training.
  • Other accredited and approved forms of college-level learning.
  • Computer Proficiency Tests – Credits earned by demonstrating computer proficiency skill levels.
  • New York University (NYU) Foreign Language Proficiency Exams - Credits earned by demonstrating advanced learning in a foreign language.

ACT/PEP testing credit which students have earned may be applied toward the degree.

Academic Credit Evaluation

Student Records conducts initial evaluations of incoming students' academic records, to ensure all required academic documentation is on file and to apply transfer credit to Bellevue University degree programs in accordance with established policies. Complete reevaluations of these records are conducted only when students change degree programs, majors, and/or when they change university catalogs.

A final audit of students' academic records is conducted by Student Records in conjunction with students' application for graduation. Student Records Audit Section ensures all required academic documentation is on file, and all degree requirements are completed prior to issuing a Bellevue University diploma.

*According to Bellevue University's 2013-14 Annual Conferral Report

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