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Experiential Learning Assessment (ELA)

You have accomplished a lot in your life.

What is a MOOC? - Rod Hewlett

And you’ve probably learned quite a bit from your experiences.

A proven track record doing any type of work is just as relevant to learning as taking a test. At Bellevue University, we think it’s important to capture that.

Let’s take inventory of your accomplishments.

Bellevue University's new massive open online course (MOOC), Discover Your Value: Turning Experience into College Credit is designed to help you take inventory of yourself.

Let’s take inventory of your accomplishments.

Throughout the course, you’ll discover answers to questions like…

  • What are your learning preferences?
  • How do those learning preferences connect to your value?
  • How do you define things like skill, knowledge, behavior and talent?
  • What’s the difference between experiential and traditional learning?
  • What types of experiential learning have you mastered?

The answers to these questions will come together to help you perform better no matter where you find yourself; because life is about growth and progress.

Best of all: the course is free!

At the end of the course, you’ll organize everything you’ve learned into a portfolio.

If you’re interested in earning a degree at Bellevue University, you can get a head start by paying only $150 to have your portfolio of prior experience evaluated for undergraduate-level college credit.

Discover Your Value Course

Regardless of how you choose to use it, this portfolio will help you understand how to invest in yourself. It will also serve as the proof you need to Start Your Someday.

Thanks for your interest in Bellevue University.

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