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Mathematics (MA) (3 credit hours)

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  • IGEN 102 Using Critical Thinking with Mathematics and Statistics

    This course examines how the power of numbers can help explain our lives and the world around us, from scheduling delays, to amortization schedules, from compound interest to car loans, chance, voting patterns, gambling odds, and modern physics.
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  • MA 101 Intermediate Algebra

    Development of basic algebraic skills. Includes the real number system; operations for polynomials and rational expressions; solutions and applications of linear and quadratic equations; and the solution of inequalities, systems of linear equations and radical equations. Prerequisite: MA 099 or MA 100, or satisfy MPE
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  • MA 102 College Algebra

    Expansion and follow-up of intermediate algebra including higher order polynomials and nonlinear inequalities, and use of matrices and determinants to solve systems of equations. Introduction to function, inverse function, theory of equations and exponential and logarithmic functions. Prerequisite: MA 101 or satisfy score on mathematics placement exam (MPE)
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  • MA 200 Calculus for Management, Social, and Life Sciences

    Differential and integral calculus and application to solutions of real problems involving rate of change, optimization, revenue, cost, marginal analysis, demand and profit functions, and economic growth rate. Application of calculus in social and life sciences includes population growth, learning curves, work curves, marginal utilities, bacterial growth, and the spread of epidemics. Prerequisite: MA 102
    University Syllabus

  • MA 240 Applied Statistics

    Provides the theoretical basis and the problem solving experience needed to apply the techniques of descriptive and inferential statistics, to evaluate such daily inputs as organizational reports and to improve decision making over a wide range of areas. Topics include: Descriptive Measures; Distribution Shapes; Concepts of Probability of Discrete and Continuous Random Variables; Hypothesis Testing of One, Two Samples; Chi-Square and F-Test; Regression; Anova; Using Excel, Minitab, TI 83+ or SPSS for Solving & Interpreting Statistical Problems. Prerequisite: MA101 (4 credit hrs)
    University Syllabus

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