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General Education Core Curriculum

If you’re ready to enroll, but lack the required credits in general education or electives, we’ve made it convenient for you to take them in class or online. With our general education courses, you'll have a fuller understanding of the material presented in our various major courses of study. They also provide the necessary foundation for life-long learning.

General Education Curriculum

(36 semester credit hours)

In addition to courses offered in our traditional class-by-class format, Bellevue University offers the General Education Packaged Curriculum.

You can enroll in one or all of the clusters. Completing all five general education core clusters fulfills general education requirements for our bachelor’s degrees and usually takes as little as one year. Areas of study include Basic Communications, Human Expression, Natural Sciences, and more. We've made them interesting, too, with topics ranging from Wizards and Words: Composition I and Harry Potter to Socrates Meets Seinfeld and the Simpsons.

It’s just one of the ways we respond to students, helping them earn credit toward their bachelor’s degrees.

Consult an Admissions Counselor to see how the credit you’ve already earned, and the training you’ve taken, may apply to your bachelor’s degree requirements.

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