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Library FAQs

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General Questions

  • What are the library hours?

    The library is open Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 10:30 pm; Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; and Sunday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.

  • Does the library have private study rooms?

    The library's four study rooms are available on a first come, first-served basis and are for individual as well as group study. There is no time limit on study room usage but if left unoccupied for 15 minutes, items will be removed to allow others access to the room.

  • If all the study rooms are full, can I use the classroom?

    You will need to inquire at the Reference desk about the room's availability.

  • Is there a refreshment area?

    Yes, it is located near the building's main entrance. It contains hot and cold beverage machines, snack machine, microwave, and tables and chairs.

  • Can I get change?

    Change will be made at the library staff's discretion and will not be made for amounts over $10.00.

  • Can cell phones be used?

    The library has two designated areas for cell phone use: the library entry way and the northern hallway. Cell phones need to be either turned off or on vibrate within the Library. Please do not use cell phones in the quiet reading area, the refreshment area, or in the study rooms.

  • Is there a bulletin board?

    Yes, you may post material on the bulletin board after getting approval from the library director. Inquire at the Reference desk for assistance.

  • Is there a Lost and Found?

    Items left in the library are kept at the Reference desk for one month before being sent to the campus mailroom. The library is not responsible for items that are left unattended, and the library staff reserves the right to move belongings that appear abandoned for fifteen minutes or more to the Reference desk.

  • What level of noise is acceptable in the Library?

    Quiet talking and group study is permitted throughout the library as long as it does not disturb others. Doors to the study rooms should be closed when in use. Cell phones and all similar devices are to be turned off or set on "vibrate" or "silent" mode. Headphones should be used at all times when using media and should always be set to low volumes. Users determined by the library staff to be disruptive to a quiet atmosphere may be asked to lower their voices or to leave the library.

  • Are children welcome?

    If it is necessary to bring a child to the Library, the responsible adult should note that:

    • Library staff do not provide childcare.
    • Parents or guardians are responsible for their child's conduct and noise level.
    • If your child becomes distracting to others and their behavior does not quickly improve, you and your family could be asked to leave.
    • Please keep your child with you. The Library is not childproof.

    Children's books can be found on a bookshelf near the refreshment area. These books are not to leave the library.

  • Are the moving shelves dangerous?

    No. There are numerous safety precautions built into the shelving for your protection.

Borrowing Services

  • Do I need my student ID to check out materials?

    Students must have a current student ID card or a temporary ID card the first time they check out material and they must also currently be enrolled. The library staff can provide you instructions for printing a temporary ID if necessary. In addition to being enrolled in classes, students will need to present a current student ID or driver's license to check out material once they have a library account.

    BU student ID cards can be made free of charge by the Welcome Center staff in the Administrative Services Building. New ID cards can also be ordered by students via New BRUIN.

  • How long can library materials be kept?

    The Bellevue University Library has information in many formats. Some may be borrowed (checked out) while others are for in-library use only.

    • In-Library Use Only: Reference books, magazines, journals, newspapers, microform, and children's books.
    • 2 Hour Loan Period (in-Library Use Only): Print items on reserve (including solution manuals), dry-erase markers, and remote controls.
    • 4 Hour Loan Period (in-Library Use Only): Laptops and headphones.
    • 7 Days (limit of 3 Total): Videotapes, DVDs, and audio books.
    • 21 Days (limit of 15 titles): Print materials (books) and CD-ROMs from the general collection. This loan period is for: Students attending classes on the Bellevue campus, Lozier campus students, Alumni, Community Users, and Reciprocal Borrowers.
    • 28 Days (limit of 15 titles): Items from the general collection. This loan period is for: Online students and those who attend classes in communities outside the Omaha area.
    • 60 Days: Items from the general collection. This loan period is for: Bellevue University faculty and staff.
  • Can patrons renew items?

    Books can be renewed twice for 21 days at a time if a hold has not been placed on the item. Audiovisual material may be renewed once for an additional 7 days.

  • Does the library charge overdue fines?

    Students are charged overdue fines of $.10 per day for books and $1.00 per day for audiovisual material. In-library use only materials like laptops, headphones, and reserve materials accumulate a $1.00 fine if they become overdue, and will accumulate an additional $1.00 fine for every hour they are overdue after that.

  • Can a hold be placed on an item that is checked out?

    You can ask to place a hold via the Circulation desk, either in person or by calling 402-557-7314. The library staff will notify you when the item is available.

  • What are the restrictions on Reserve Items?

    Items put on Reserve by an instructor typically must be returned within 2 hours and should not leave the library. Individual instructors may make exceptions to these rules.

  • Does the library have a self check machine?

    The self check machine is located near the reference section, by the library staff offices, and requires a library barcode and an active Library account to check out material.

  • Where can library materials be returned?

    Materials may be returned at the Circulation desk or in the book drops. Book drops are located at the main and west entrances of the Library and to the right of the front door at the Lozier Professional building. Book drops remain available after the buildings have closed.

  • Can DVDs and videos be placed in the bookdrop?


  • Is there a list for the catalogs of other academic libraries in Nebraska?

    Links to other library catalogs are available.

  • Can Bellevue University students check out books from other libraries?

    You will need to present the other library with your current Bellevue University student ID card and a picture ID. In addition, your library account must be in good standing. Inquire about "reciprocal borrowing privileges" at the circulation desk of the academic library you are visiting. Check here for a list of academic libraries with which you can make use of reciprocal borrowing privileges.

  • Can college students from Nebraska colleges or universities use the library?

    Current students from reciprocal schools may borrow materials and use the library's computers for research purposes. To check out material, reciprocal students need to present a valid student ID. Reciprocal students are expected to pay 10 cents per page for printing.

  • Can people not affiliated with Bellevue University use the library?

    By paying a $40.00 Community User fee, inactive students who have not yet completed their degree, applicants who have not yet begun class, and other members of the community may have borrowing privileges for one year. Inactive and prospective Bellevue University students will have the $40.00 fee credited to their account if they register for classes within a year of paying the fee and present the library receipt to the Assistant Director of Student Accounts in the Business Office.

Library Materials

Library Services

  • If Bellevue University does not own an item, can it be borrowed from somewhere else?

    The library provides interlibrary loan service to Bellevue University students, faculty, staff, alumni and community users. You can request material using our online form. You can also initiate the interlibrary loan request yourself by using Interlibrary Loan Direct Request through FirstSearch databases.

  • What is the charge for Interlibrary Loan?

    Articles mailed or faxed locally cost $2.00 per article plus $.10 per printed page; articles mailed or faxed long distance cost $3.00 per article plus $.10 per printed page; articles picked up on campus cost $1.00 per article plus $.10 per printed page; books mailed cost $2.00 per item; books picked up on campus cost $1.00 per item; emailed articles cost $1.00 per article.

  • Does the Library Provide Faxing Services?

    The Library provides faxing service for students. Local faxes cost $1.00 per fax; long distance faxes are $1.00 per page. International faxes are $3.00 per page. Faculty and staff may fax their own material. Incoming faxes for students are not accepted.

  • Is there a phone in the library for patron use?

    A telephone for local or toll-free calls is available in the Refreshment Area.

  • Are DVD and VCR players available in the library?

    There is one DVD and one VCR player available in the quiet reading area, by the newspapers. These players are for in-library use only and cannot be reserved in advance. Remote controls can be checked out for 2 hours with a 2 hour renewal possible.

  • Is there a typewriter available for patron use?


Computers, Printing, and Copies

  • Are there computers in the library for student use?

    The library has 18 public desktop computers; in addition, 12 laptop computers are available for in-library check-out only. Each machine is equipped with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as well as Internet Explorer.

  • What is involved in checking out a laptop computer?

    You will need to have a student ID, a credit card or driver's license, and a library account. You may check out a laptop computer for 4 hours with the option of renewing once.

  • Is there a charge for printing?

    We do not charge those affiliated with Bellevue University for printing, but we ask that you limit printing to 25 pages per day. Other patrons, including reciprocal or community users, are asked to pay $.10 per page at the Circulation desk.

  • Does the Library provide color printing?

    Library staff can print assignments, research papers, charts, graphs, PowerPoint, and database articles for patrons in color. Patrons wishing to print in color should notify the library staff of their intentions before emailing the document as an attachment to Patrons can also save their document to their flash drive to give to the library staff for printing. Only material that is related to classwork will be printed in color. Printing requests will not be granted within 15 minutes of closing.

  • Does the library have a photocopy machine?

    There are two photocopiers in the library located near the periodical collection (main entrance). Copies cost $.10 each. Each copier has the ability to make 8 ½ x 11, 11 x 14, or 11 x 17 copies.

  • Are scanners available for use?

    Three scanners are available and attached to computers #6, #12 and #18. These are available on a first come-first served basis for up to one hour. Scanners are not to be used for photocopying purposes and copyright law prohibits pages from copyrighted materials to be scanned and saved electronically. The Library is not responsible for ensuring the privacy of scanned personal information left on library computers.

  • Can I make copies from microfilm/microfiche?

    To make microform copies, you will need to obtain a prepaid card from the Circulation desk. Copies cost $.20 each.

Research Databases and Online Library Resources


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