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Electronic Services Portal

This page provides links to all the methods of contacting the Library staff for assistance. Whether through chat, email, or phone, Ask-a-Librarian provides timely responses to your information needs.
24/7 Librarian Tutorial

BUILD IT (Bellevue University Information Literacy Development Interactive Tutorial)
BUILD IT is an online information literacy tutorial and detailed guide to locating and using all the resources and services provided by the library, from on or off campus. Arranged in five modules, it contains easy to follow instructions, illustrated with screenshots, for gathering information, citing it, and organizing it into a research paper. It is available 24/7, no log in required.
BUILD IT Tutorial.

Copyright Center
Visit this centralized website for easy access to copyright information such as the Copyright Policy, copyright-related links, library resources, FAQ's, quarterly features, and tutorials. Also, the copyright permission request form is located on this site for faculty and staff to easily request copyright permission.
Copyright Center Tutorial

Departmental Materials Requests
Each of the four colleges is allocated funds for purchasing materials for the library. Faculty members are encouraged to make selections and, with the approval of their department head, submit them to the library for purchase. Information on the status departmental orders is found on this website.

An Electronic Reserve System allows faculty to post documents, images, links, etc., electronically on a password-protected site and for students to access them at their own convenience. A discussion board, chat system, and email alerts are also available through the electronic reserves. The password for your class is provided by your instructor and he or she will need to be contacted for this information.
E-Reserves Tutorial

ILL (InterLibrary Loan)
Interlibrary Loan service provides access to materials not available from our collection to Bellevue University students, faculty, staff, alumni and community users. You can request materials using our online form. You can also submit a request within FirstSearch databases by using the Interlibrary Loan Direct Request option.

Interlibrary Loan fees :

  • Articles emailed - $1.00 per article
  • Articles picked up on campus / faxed locally / intercampus mail - $1.00 per article
  • Articles mailed - $2.00 per article
  • Articlesfaxed locally - $1.00 per fax
  • Articles faxed long distance - $1.00 per page
  • Articles faxed internationally - $3.00 per page
  • Books sent by mail - $2.00 per book
  • Books picked up on campus / intercampus mail - $1.00 per book

Mobile Applications Portal
These mobile applications are intended for the use of Bellevue University students, faculty, staff and alumni. Authentication or a Bellevue University email account may be required for access. Each vendor sets its own requirements.

Outreach Services
Our mission is to reliably and rapidly deliver library materials to members of the Bellevue University community who do not attend class, teach, or work on the Bellevue campus. The courier delivers material to Lozier campus while either UPS or email is used for those outside the Omaha metropolitan area. The Document Delivery Coordinator for Outreach Services can be reached via or by calling 1-800-756-7920 Ext: 557-7313 OR 402-557-7311.

Recommend Materials
The Library accepts recommendations for materials purchase. The request will be evaluated to make sure the item benefits the Bellevue University community.

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