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Graduate Human Capital Certificate of Completion

Students seeking this certificate of completion must successfully complete the following four courses.

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  • MBA 605 Human Capital: Self-Development and Communication

    This course explores the development of human capital, including self-diagnostics, learning management, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, and the acumen necessary to communicate with and influence various stakeholders in a complex and interconnected global business environment. Students will practice using knowledge gathering and knowledge sharing tools for effective decision making; and will begin to master business communication skills including writing, speaking and presenting. Prereq: Graduate Standing
    University Syllabus

  • MBA 606 Critical Thinking & Applied Problem Solving

    This course examines the use of critical thinking methods, mental models, and qualitative and quantitative decision making and problem solving methods to shape successful organizations. Emphasis is placed on the role of judgment development and how experience, research, knowledge, and group dynamics can lead to quality business analysis and shape effective decisions. Prereq: Graduate Standing
    University Syllabus

  • MBA 608 Capitalism & Economic Reasoning

    This course reviews the history of capitalism, with a focus on the modern implications of American Capitalism to business and policy decision-making today. It also explores competing systems and compares the economic, political, and personal freedoms that define our market-based system in relation to others. The course will use both focused and integrative analyses of key micro- and macroeconomic, accounting, finance, and marketing concepts, and their role in shaping the creation and growth of American business enterprises, and in defining and measuring their success. Students will begin the journey of learning how to reason like an economist and understand system impact in their analysis, decision making and judgment making. (MSBAN students - No prerequisite required.) Prereq: MBA 605 and MBA 606
    University Syllabus

  • MBA 610 Applications of Data Analysis for Effective Decision Making

    This course is about the art of analyzing and summarizing data, and converting it into useful information for the purpose of solving business problems and making sound business decisions. Graphs, tables, number summaries, correlation, and regression are among common tools which enable a manger to explore patterns in the data and discover relationships among variables, all of which are major focus in this class. Additionally, students learn about random variables and various distributions, as well as their relevance to business decisions such as stock prices, waiting lines, inventory control, project management, and quality decisions. Finally, to put course content into perspective and demonstrate its relevance to the business environment, students learn specifically how to use time-series data and graphical tools to make forecasting and quality management decisions as well as use visual and numerical tools to manage time and cost of projects. Prerequisite: MBA 605, MBA 606, and MBA 608. For MSA students - there is no prerequisite.
    University Syllabus

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