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Cybersecurity Certificate of Completion - Undergraduate

Students seeking this certificate of completion will need to successfully complete:

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  • CYBR 250 Introduction to Cyber Threats, Technologies and Security

    This course introduces information technologies and examines methods for protecting them against persistent and constantly evolving threats. Existing and emerging information technologies are discussed including operating environments, computer networking, and data management. Basic methods for managing information systems and technologies are presented from a standpoint of providing sufficient security protections.
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In addition, students will select 9 credits (3 classes) from those below:

  • CIS 311 Network Security

    This course provides an introduction to the goals, functional processes, tools, and techniques associated with network security. Discussion includes devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection mechanisms, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Telecommunications and networks security protocols used to prevent, detect, and correct potential vulnerabilities associated with both the outsider and insider threat are also explored.
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  • CIS 312 Securing Access Control

    This course provides an introduction to the concepts associated with configuring identification and authentication. Discussion includes comparison of various access models, and how passwords, smart cards and biometric devices can assist in securing system access and ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Other technologies such as remote authentication and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are also explored.
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  • CIS 411 Assessments and Audits

    This course explores the principles of risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, and auditing. Discussion includes the use of these principles to evaluate the effectiveness of information security controls. Topics include threat and asset identification, countermeasures and safeguards, acceptable risks, and vulnerabilities. The auditing concepts of technical, physical, and administrative controls are also introduced along with how these controls are measured for effectiveness.
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  • CYBR 320 Operational Security

    This course focuses on the skills required to operate a security program within an organization. Coverage includes the practical application of security practices in an operational environment. Topics include security structure, leading security projects, policy management, human factors of security, and physical security methods.
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  • CYBR 420 Cyber Investigations and Forensics

    This course examines basic methods of investigation, information acquisition, and management of Internet and computer forensic cases. Topics include record-searching, note taking and report writing, and using scientific methodology in Cyber investigations. Coverage also includes basic tools and techniques for forensic analysis of computers, networks systems, and mobile devices.
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