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Cover Letters and Resumes

A 'perfect resume' won't get you a job offer, but a poorly done resume may very well prevent you from getting that interview--and without an interview, you won't get the job. Below are links to sample cover letters and resumes to for examples. A Word of Caution: Please don’t be tempted to use one of the Resume Wizards or Templates that are included in many word processing programs. They are very difficult to work with, don’t allow you to present yourself in the best possible light—and employers simply don’t like them! Your best approach is to create your resume as a simple document in MS Word, like those included in the Resume Samples handout.

As you proceed with your job search, it will also be necessary for you to prepare other types of correspondence, including thank you letters, acceptance and rejection letters, etc. The same careful attention should be given to these, as they are also important in conveying the positive and professional image necessary to a successful job search.

Remember, the sample letters and resumes are intended to serve only as examples. Use them as models, but be sure to tailor your correspondence specifically to the individual, organization and/or position you are seeking. For additional guidance or assistance, stop in or call Career Services.


References available upon request. Does this look like a familiar phrase on your resume? Have you put any thought into who you will ask for a reference? How many references do you need to have? Can you use family and friends – they know you the best and can let a potential employer know that you are a very hard worker?
Please review the reference handout below for answers to these questions as well as a sample reference page.

Thanks for your interest in Bellevue University.

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