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The job market is more competitive than ever, whether you are a new college graduate or a seasoned professional with years of experience in your field. For recent graduates, breaking into this market can be tough, especially if you are changing careers, trying to bounce-back from a lay-off, or just entering the workforce full-time. Employers are looking for the most qualified candidates – those who have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Bellevue University realizes the benefits of this experience, and provides career-relevant degree programs taught by faculty who bring their work experience into the classroom. For students who are looking for even more of an edge, the University provides information and resources for anyone wishing to pursue an internship or other experiential knowledge and skill-building opportunity.

Internships vary from unpaid part-time positions, to full-time salaried positions, some of which lead to employment at the end of the program. Special projects and volunteer work may also be used as opportunities to gain the experience needed. Whether paid or unpaid the ultimate goal of an internship is to gain valuable work experience that will improve your skills, marketability and earning power.

With students local and worldwide, the University communicates internship information to students and alumni through email announcements and social media (LinkedIn) reaching those students who do not have immediate access to the Career Services’ on-campus office. Internship opportunies are also listed on JobZone. To access the JobZone, you will need to complete a very short registration process. To get started, contact Career Services at

International Internships

Are you looking for an opportunity to set yourself apart? With locations around the world, an international internship may be a good choice for you. Internships abroad are great for growing your proficiency, and you also have the option to earn academic credit for the experience. You can strengthen your ability to work cross-culturally, navigate new territory, or increase your foreign language ability while gaining practical skills in your field. Visit the Study Abroad page to learn more about international internships or contact the Study Abroad Office at:

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