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As a general rule, a College Major does not educate you for one specific job

Instead, it allows you to develop skills and abilities in your area of interest that can be applied to a broad range of occupations. This means that your future career relates just as much to your career interests, work values, work-related experiences and transferable skills as it does to your specific academic major. Your degree and major are certainly important, but it is your "total package" that you should consider when determining what your future direction might be -- and that includes choosing an academic major.

In making this decision, it is helpful to look at some examples of occupations/job titles that are typically associated with the various academic majors offered at Bellevue University. But don't stop there! Use these lists to get some ideas, then do some research to discover which ones seem to fit with your interests, values and skills/qualifications.

To get started, click on any of the majors listed below

For each major, you'll see a list of job titles/occupations associated with that major. Remember, each list represents only some of the possibilities you might consider, and should be used only as a starting point for your search. To find out more about any of these occupations or to discover other possibilities, go to Commonly Used Internet Sites and click on any of the sites listed there -- or contact Career Services. You can also contact us if you need some help in identifying exactly what you are seeking in a career.

Undergraduate Academic Majors Offered by Bellevue University


Graduate Academic Majors Offered by Bellevue University


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