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Testimonials from Bellevue University Security Management Graduates

"Deciding to enter into the graduate level Security Management program at Bellevue University has been one of the best decisions I've made for my career and my family. I started the course in 2008 and graduated in 2009, and since finishing the course I've been offered some incredible opportunities . . . The program was directly responsible for my having an interview for the Air Force's Palace Acquire Internship Program. I started training with the Air Force in September of 2010 and right away my supervisor commented on how well prepared I was for this entry level position . . . The program equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to become a successful security professional; also, it opened the door for me to apply that knowledge to a meaningful job."

Todd Card, Department of Defense

"The Bellevue University Security Management program was instrumental in the development and implementation of a critical infrastructure protection plan that is all encompassing and meets the needs of the state, the local community, and those of the federal government . . . I have no doubt that participation in this program enabled me to evaluate, design, and manage a security program governed by the Department of Homeland Security guided by Energy and Water Sector plans."

Peter H. Neddo, MS, CUSA, Vice President of Safety & Security, Metropolitan Utilities District

"The Bellevue University Master of Science in Security Management degree has opened up new fronts for me in the job market. This degree gives job seekers a fair degree of flexibility by presenting students with specialized security information, as well as broad learning tracts (everything from computer information to physical security.)"

Eugene B. Wilson, Military EW Training Instructor

"For sixteen months, one class at a time, my knowledge and experiences broadened. As a part of the program we were to complete individual projects yet my classmates and I chose to co-author a book for the undergraduate program and we became published authors. This was no small feat and it is these challenges that I reflect upon daily. Since commencement with these degrees, I have developed my career as a Security Consultant/Subject Matter Expert. I have had the opportunity to work on the most prestigious security project in the world, the World Trade Center, as well as many other high profile projects globally."

Michelle Clark, Contractor, Port Authority of New York New Jersey (PANYNJ)

"I found Bellevue University's Security Management graduate program to be dynamic, career enhancing, and a great way to network with others in the security profession. The program provides advanced education and information critical for leading security programs in today's ever changing and fast moving risk/threat environments. I find myself using the information learned in multiple ways almost daily."

Clarence F. Hightower, CHS-IV, Corporate Chief Security Officer

"I thought getting my graduate degree was out of reach. I was a sergeant in the narcotics unit with a young family at home. . . After graduation, this degree has taken me places I never thought I would ever be. I have moved throughout the ranks and currently hold the rank of captain. I foresee a great future for myself and strongly believe it was because of the Master of Security Management program and Mr. Greg Allen."

Captain Terry LeMaster, Council Bluffs, Iowa Police Department

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