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Course Listing For MPM Courses

  • MPM 606 Organizational Structures and Practices

    This course introduces those concepts of organizational culture and behavior that play a role in facilitating change and growth. Management systems, structures, informal and formal culture, processes, and strategy will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on approaches that address expectations, communication, performance, collaboration, and globalization.
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 613 Emerging Trends in Project Management

    This course will include an exploration of the project management field and future trends. Focus will be based on current events, research in the field, and trends through the next decade. Topics such as people management, turning around an unsuccessful project, risk culture, and change control will be examined.
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 633 Schedule Management

    This course examines schedule management processes, from planning to execution to control. Focus will be on the project charter, work breakdown structures, resource management, and earned value management. Prerequisites: successful completion of CIS 665
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 643 Cost Control in Projects

    This course provides an exploration of cost estimation and control methods for the management of project financials. Earned value management, estimating procedures, budgeting, sensitivity analysis, and variance analysis will be explored.
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 663 Quality in Projects

    This course provides an in-depth examination of quality functions within a project. Emphasis is placed on the application of quality management principles and standards. Quality management topics related to project planning, measurement, execution, and control will be explored. Prerequisite: CIS 633 or acceptance into the Master of Project Management Program (MPM)
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 673 Procurement and Contract Management

    This course will review how goods and services are acquired in a project management setting. Creation of an RFP with timeline, source selection criteria, contract pricing, terms, conditions, and contract award will be used to investigate this knowledge area.
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 683 Agile Project Management

    This course covers characteristics and delivery frameworks for Agile project management. The course also explores how agile methods differ from traditional project management, along with how to use Agile techniques to successfully manage projects.
    University Syllabus

  • MPM 693 Practicum in Project Management

    This course is a culmination of project management concepts, tools and techniques that have been explored through previous course work. Students will synthesize and evaluate processes for application within a project research study. Prerequisites: successful completion of all MPM program-specific courses.
    University Syllabus

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