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Course Listing For JLS Courses

  • JLS 305 Theory and Practice of Justice, Law and Security

    This course will provide a foundation and overview of the diverse but interrelated disciplines of justice, law and security. The focus of the course will be on the development of justice and law, concepts and theories in criminal justice, and the security of our nation.
    Course Syllabus

  • JLS 315 The American Criminal and Civil Legal Systems

    This course will provide an examination of the Constitutional underpinnings of criminal and civil law as it applies to the fields of criminal justice, law and security management. Special focus will be devoted to an overview of the American court system, specific elements of crime, the operation of civil jurisprudence, and a review of the policies and procedures that influence law in America.
    Course Syllabus

  • JLS 325 Professional Responsibility and Ethics

    This course will address ethical issues in justice, law and security at both the theoretical and applied levels. Special emphasis will be given to an examination of the relationship between ethical principles, moral and normative judgments.

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