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  • ISPS 250 Triumph of the Nerds: An Irreverent History of the PC

    A self-study, video course (based on the PBS series) in which students explore the history and development of the PC; learn about the key players, companies, and technologies; appreciate the market forces at play; and identify and analyze the effects of computers on people and society. The course is designed for both technical and nontechnical students.
    University Syllabus

  • ISPS 393 Conservative Economics

    The course focuses on the principles and processes of economic activity based on private ownership, entrepreneurship, free markets and U.S. Constitutional government. Textbooks include the classic works of Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Thomas Sowell, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, and other authors in the conservative economic tradition. The course also seeks to analyze the processes and principles of socialism and hampered market economies. Prerequisites: Junior status or permission of the instructor
    University Syllabus

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