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Course Listing For HU Courses

  • HU 101 Introduction to the Humanities

    This course focuses on basic concepts in the Humanities as they relate to everyday life and affect our choices and personal decisions. It examines how artists and thinkers make and convey meaning, how humans make sense of their life experiences, and how we define and shape values in relation to others.
    University Syllabus

  • HU 110 Western Humanities I

    Historical survey of humanities from the beginning of civilization to the Middle Ages. Designed to help students appreciate the humanities as they developed within cultures, integrating history, philosophy and the arts (particularly literature, sculpture, architecture, painting, and music).
    University Syllabus

  • HU 120 Western Humanities II

    Historical survey of the humanities from the Renaissance to the present through the arts and philosophy, emphasizing the relationships between the arts and the ideas which defined western cultures and affected the lives of human beings. The course helps students comprehend values derived from reason and emotions in a world of increasing intellectual uncertainty. The arts studied include literature, music, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and film.
    University Syllabus

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