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Course Listing

Bellevue University uses course codes for the CON equivalency courses.

The courses are listed as follows:

  • CON 100
  • BA 380 Shaping Smart Business Arrangements

    This course focuses on developing professional skills for making business decisions and for advising other acquisition team members in successfully meeting customers’ needs. Students will learn about the different Department of Defense (DoD) mission areas and the procurement alternatives for each. Knowledge management and information systems will be introduced as well. Small group exercises are designed to prepare the students to provide contracting support within the overarching business relationships of government and industry.
    University Syllabus

  • CON 120
  • BA 384 Mission Focused Contracting

    This course focuses on the entire acquisition process from meeting with the customer to completing the contract closeout process. Students can learn to apply leadership, problem solving, and negotiation skills. Using an integrated case study approach, students can apply the knowledge and skills gained in previous courses. Prerequisite: BA 380 or CON equivalent courses
    University Syllabus

  • CON 215
  • BA 482 Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support

    This course is a case study wherein students apply the knowledge and skills learned in the previous contracting courses. Students demonstrate their ability to develop and execute business strategies to meet customer requirements. This case helps to develop critical thinking; customer needs analysis, procurement strategy development, and source selection skills necessary for successful contract performance. Prerequisites: BA 380 and BA 384 or CON equivalent courses

  • CON 217
  • BA 483 Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques

    This course focuses on cost analysis and negotiation techniques and topics including cost analysis, quantitative techniques, indirect cost, estimating and accounting systems audits, facilities capital cost of money (FCCM), profit analysis and negotiations. The course includes a practical application of acquisition planning, cost analysis, negotiation and contract administration. This is a Defense Acquisition University (DAU) equivalent course.
    University Syllabus

  • CON 218
  • BA 484 Advanced Contracting For Mission Support

    Students will apply acquisition planning, cost analysis, negotiation and contract administration concepts/theories/methods/techniques. The following topics are also examined: supply case study, cradle to grave operations, incentive contract, cost analysis, negotiations, presentations, legal issues and contract management. Prerequisite: BA 482 or CON equivalency courses
    University Syllabus

  • CON 353
  • BA 489 Advanced Business Solutions for Mission Support

    Through realistic scenario-based learning, students work in teams to practice developing sound business solutions as a valued strategic and expert business advisor. Coursework is designed to contribute to senior leadership and local supervisors and to provide resources for the contracting career field via the course community of practice. Prerequisite: Level II certification or CON equivalent courses
    University Syllabus

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