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College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Kenneth C. Mason

Assistant Dean

Candace L. T. Walton, Ph.D.



The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Bellevue University is to provide students with educational opportunities in the liberal arts, humanities and the sciences; to engage students in critical thinking and active learning environments that build knowledge and skills important to work, citizenship, life-long learning, and personal fulfillment; and to prepare students for advanced work in selected disciplines and professions.

The College of Arts and Sciences serves as the focus not only for traditional programs, but also for several accelerated undergraduate programs, professional certificate programs and graduate programs in Communications and Human Services. The College also oversees teaching and innovation in the courses offered under the Bellevue University General Education Core Curriculum, most notably the Kirkpatrick Signature Series.

The Arts and Sciences programs are located within and directed through two academic centers: the Center for Health, Science, and Human Services (CHSHS), and the Center for Liberal Arts and Humanities (CLAH) The Kirkpatrick Signature Series and related activities are administered under the Center for American Vision and Values (CAVV). The Center for Operations Online (COOL) manages the development of all CAS online, clustered and blended courses.

Center for Health, Science, and Human Services (CHSHS)

The mission of the Center is to support students, organizations and communities committed to advancing human health, wellness, helping services, and environmental protection. The Center also builds external partnerships to foster the professional training and advancement of its students in clinical, community, and public health and wellness settings.

Center for Liberal Arts and Humanities (CLAH)

The mission of the Center for Liberal Arts and Humanities is twofold. First, the Center provides educational opportunities for students to explore the rich and varied dimensions of human association, beliefs, community, communication, creativity, expression and thought and obtain essential skills for employability and lifelong learning. Second, the Center responds to the educational needs of corporations and the community.

Center for American Vision and Values (CAVV)

The Center contributes to the next generation of American citizenry and leadership by offering Bellevue University's Signature Series on American Vision and Values to a national audience and student body. Enhanced by the Grewcock endowment, the Signature Series showcases classic Western readings, critical thinking, and community action beyond the Bellevue University campus to adults and college students throughout the nation and around the world. The program takes the classroom to the world through the Internet, building upon Bellevue University's leadership in online learning.

Center for CAS Online Operations (COOL)

The center oversees and aids faculty in the creation and adaptation of programs and general education core courses and course clusters for online delivery for the various disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences. The trademarks of CAS online courses are active student learning, multimedia enhancements, and high interactivity in content delivery.

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