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MBA revitalized to emphasize problem solving and American capitalism

Spring 2012 will mark the launch of a revitalized Master of Business Administration curriculum at Bellevue University. The redesign of the MBA program has been a major initiative in the College of Business. The goal of this effort has been to address industry demands for professionals in today's market to be entrepreneurial and innovative.

"How an employee can bring value to an organization is an important consideration in the hiring and advancement of professionals in a tight employment market," said Assistant Dean Pamela Imperato. With this in mind, the MBA program features an e-portfolio where key projects in a student's course of study serve as exhibits of mastery in key business concepts. Imperato continued, "This electronic portfolio is a differentiator from other MBA programs, serving as evidence to an employer or to a prospective employer of the student's mastery through application of key business concepts. Successful graduates of Bellevue University's MBA program will come out of their program with more than a diploma and grades on a transcript. The e-portfolio provides evidence to an employer of what the graduate actually can do, not merely what someone says they can do. "

A suite of three courses at the onset of a student's program provides framework of the MBA student experience, emphasizing the development of strategic decision making and effective communication and critical thinking skills. "If you can teach your students to communicate and solve problems, you will have a leg up," said Dr. David Levy, director of the MBA Program. "A lot of companies are financially sponsoring their employees to complete their MBA studies or see the MBA as a necessary degree for career advancement in their organization. Based on our research and guidance by our College of Business Advisory Board and alumni, businesses want certain things, foremost is the expectation that students can communicate effectively, anticipate and solve business problems. We're trying to be on the leading edge of responding."

The emphasis on communication and problem solving will permeate the entire program, three courses early in the program focus on those skills in particular: MBA 605 Human Capital: Self-Development and Communications, MBA 606 Critical Thinking & Applied Problem Solving, and MBA 608 Capitalism & Economic Reasoning. "It's not just micro/macro," Dr. Levy explained. "It's really reasoning brought into the business."

Another unique feature of the program is the intra and cross course mapping of all MBA courses. "Courses have not been designed in isolation; rather key business concepts are introduced, reinforced and mastered at various stages in a student's program. Therefore synergy is established within and among courses in the curriculum. Unlike many academic programs where each course is designed by individual professors, Bellevue University's MBA programs have been designed collectively by professors who are experts in their field, along with industry practitioners. Doing so creates a student experience that is robust and deliberately deployed.

Among the key changes to the program are:

  • A 39-credit program with three initial courses (MBA 605, 606, 608) framing the MBA student experience.
  • The opportunity to choose from a variety of professionally valuable concentrations, ranging from Executive Coaching to Project Management.
  • Structured and sequenced coursework allowing motivated students with degrees outside of the area of business to be poised for success.
  • For those students without requisite accounting and spreadsheet experience, a survey of accounting course (MBA 600) is required to position the student for subsequent MBA study. This course is also offered for students who may have the requisite background but wish a refresher early in this area early in their MBA studies.

Current students enrolled in the MBA program prior to the Spring 2012 term will be able to continue their program as originally designed. No action is necessary. However, students who wish to switch to the new MBA program can contact their academic advisor for further information.

Registration for the Spring 2012 term opened on December 5, 2011.

For more information on the new Bellevue University MBA program contact Graduate Admission at 1-800-756-7920.

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