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Faculty Focus: Joyce Beck

Healthcare CEO brings expertise to alma mater.

Joyce Beck knows the power of a Bellevue University degree. The CEO of Thayer County Health Services in Hebron, Neb., earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University. Now, she's taking the knowledge she gained in the classroom as well as her 44 years of experience in the healthcare industry and imparting it to Bellevue University students as an adjunct professor.

Joyce Beck

"I love teaching because it is important to me that I share my experiences with others and at the same time I grow from my association with students," Beck said. "For me teaching is a win/win."

Beck just completed her first teaching assignment, Decision Support Systems (MHA 665) in the Master of Healthcare Administration program. She is scheduled to teach MHA 602 Health Information Technology and may add MHA 671 Operations Management as well.

"I already miss my students," Beck said. "I loved the teaching experience!"

Beck took her first class from Bellevue University in 1993 traveling from her home in Ainsworth, Neb. to the satellite campus in Grand Island, Neb., once a week — a three-hour drive each way.

"I knew spending time in the learning experiences at Bellevue University would give me the knowledge I needed to advance my career," Beck said. "Every class was a wonderful experience for me and all instructors were top notch."

Beck completed her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management in 1996 and would return for her Master of Science in Healthcare Administration in the fall of 2007, completing that program in the spring of 2009.

"I have to say I enjoyed the online more only because I did not have to travel every week to class allowing me to use my time learning and researching versus travelling," Beck said. "My original thought about online classes was they would be very easy and how could I possible learn anything? I soon learned the classes were a lot of work. I learned a great deal from my instructor, my cohorts and my research. The online experience was an eye-opening experience as to how much knowledge can be obtained. I now know how much work an online class can be, as well as the wealth of knowledge to be gained."

Beck's degrees helped her build a successful career as a healthcare administrator and she is looking forward to helping her current students down a similar path.

"My bachelor's degree opened the door for me to transfer my skills from nursing home administration to hospital administration. It allowed me more options to grow professionally; it polished my skills and gave me the confidence I needed to look at other avenues for my career," she said. "Learning should not end in your twenties; it needs to continue on throughout your life. What I found during my experience at BU was not only a love for learning but also a love for teaching."

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