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Optimize Your Organization

MSOP Offers Approach to Improved Performance

Does your organization need to be tuned-up and tweaked or maybe overhauled and optimized?

If so, the Master of Science in Organizational Performance (MSOP) can impart the knowledge and skills necessary for you to play a key role in that process.

“Basically, it’s a way of thinking,” said John Patterson, program director for the MSOP. “How we approach performance improvement initiatives in our organizations. How we work with different kinds of personalities and people to accomplish these things. How we set up internal processes in a way that encourages and helps our employees succeed.

“It’s a different approach — a non-traditional approach to making the workplace better.”

The program will be offered in a cohort format beginning with MSOP 602 Performance Management. The program is 72 weeks long with each class lasting six weeks. Each class is three credits hours for a total of 36 credit hours. The program concludes with an applied project in MSOP 646.

Patterson described the project as “a big case study where the student is going to select a problem they want to solve within their organization. The student is free to select the topic, or organizational problem, they want to write about.”

Past students have developed plans for how their organization would address the new healthcare legislation and how to minimize the knowledge loss as baby boomers exit the workforce.

The MSOP has gone through an overhaul itself for its relaunch in the Fall 2013 term. Students should see several benefits.

“We went through every single assignment and modernized those,” Patterson explained. “(The program) will really have a good flow to it.”

Additionally, there will be no required text books in the program instead relying on electronic resources available at no cost to students. All assignments will be available at the start of each course allowing students to work ahead within the confines of the course.

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