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Student Capstone Project Inspires Change

Zita Antos' MHA capstone makes an impact

Embracing change is a necessary element for success in today's world.

Zita Antos did just that when she elected to further her education through Bellevue University and put an already successful career in Florida's healthcare system on hold. The move was prompted when her 84-year old uncle, Al Normanth, fell ill. Continuing in her career, which required extensive travel, would not be possible if she hoped to care for her uncle.

Zita Antos' MHA capstone makes an impact

"He's all I have left. I refused to let him go into a nursing home," Antos explained.

Instead, Antos elected to care for her uncle herself and pursue her education online through Bellevue University. She completed her bachelor's degree (Healthcare Management) in March 2011 graduating Summa Cum Laude. She started her master's program (Healthcare Administration) just a few months later.

While she took care of her uncle, he returned the favor by becoming her biggest fan.

"None of this would have been possible without my uncle believing in me," she said. "He had a huge part in this by just being my biggest supporter."

While Antos embraced change in her personal and academic life, she has helped inspire change through her work in the MHA program. As a part of the program, Antos produced a Capstone paper and PowerPoint presentation entitled Produce Effective and Efficient Staff: Implement a Leadership Development Program and Competency Model. The project analyzed how a Florida healthcare organization was utilizing its human resources department with regard to employee development and offered tips on how to improve in that area.

"I found it to be so accurate in the assessment of our field (long-term care) that we will be holding meetings with our senior management team and implementing new programs regarding leadership," wrote the organization's CEO, who chose to remain anonymous. "We also feel we can save a considerable amount of money in reducing our turnover and implementing some of the leadership techniques Zita has identified."

Antos was pleased her project had such a positive impact on the organization.

"My paper actually made an impact when I presented it to this organization," she said. "It was just a very exciting accomplishment."

An advertisement in Provider magazine helped prompt Antos' interest in Bellevue University.

"I loved all the classes. Every class and teacher added something to my knowledge," Antos said, singling our Dr. Mike Freel as being particularly impactful. "Dr. Freel's class changed me. It was his leadership class and all the leadership theories that I learned in his class, (that gave me) a passion for the subject. I loved that class!"

As Antos prepares to finish up the Master of Healthcare Administration program, she may use her new knowledge to inspire others as well. She's considering a teaching position at a local university.

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