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Slater wears multiple hats while pursuing Cybersecurity degree

You can call Bill Slater a lot of things — student, teacher, veteran, and IT professional among them. Add published writer to that list as well. Slater’s work was recently featured in Hakin9 magazine, an online and print publication focusing on the best technical solutions and latest trends in information technology.

Slater’s article Applying a Security Compliance Framework to Prepare Your Organization for Cyberwar and Cyberattacks appears in the January 2013 issue of the magazine and Slater himself appears on the cover.

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“The article explains how using a well-designed security compliance framework can help an organization defend against the perils of cyberattacks and cyberwarfare,” Slater said.

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Slater has been working in IT for over 30 years. He is currently working on his third master’s degree, the Master of Science in Cybersecurity through Bellevue University.

“It’s been very educational and very intense — definitely the biggest challenge that I have had in academia,” Slater said. “Between work, teaching and my Cybersecurity course work, I have stayed extremely busy.”

Ron Woerner, Director for the Cybersecurity programs at Bellevue University praised his student. “Bill Slater epitomizes graduate students at Bellevue University with his knowledge, skills, and abilities. We are proud whenever our students publish or distinguish themselves in other ways.”

Slater is the owner of his own company, Slater Technologies, Inc., and is also an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Both positions allow him to utilize the education he is gaining from his Bellevue University coursework.

“My academic work, especially the research and writing, has helped me refine and maximize my professional strengths, making me a stronger, more confident Cybersecurity professional who can consistently add more value to his clients,” Slater said.

Slater teaches Data Center Architecture, Introduction to Operating Systems and Hardware and Introduction to Java Programming and other courses at IIT. He’s able to share his Cybersecurity knowledge with his own students.

“I have paid a great deal of time and attention to focusing on the Cybersecurity aspects of everything I teach,” he said. “Since most of my students are rather young and about to begin their careers, I have influenced them toward jobs and education in Cybersecurity. They are also impressed that a guy with well over three decades of IT experience would work toward earning his third graduate degree, this time in Cybersecurity at Bellevue University online.

“My students are just beginning to wake up and realize that to work and thrive in the IT field, it will mean a strong commitment toward a life-long education process.”

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