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These courses are designed to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of Coast Guard law enforcement professionals.

Bellevue University is proud to work with FORCECOM (FC-5), the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA), the Coast Guard Institute (CGI) and Servicemembers Opportunity College Coast Guard (SOCCOAST) under the new MLEA Education Partnership.

The 12-week, 9-credit hour Maritime Law courses include:

IGEN 224: The Do's and Don'ts of Investigations & Info gathering (3 semester hours)

Course will examine the history of the modern fact-finder, as well as cover the basic methods of investigation, emphasizing physical and electronic surveillance, interviewing, database and record-searching, and the use and essential role of the internet and technology in modern investigations.

IGEN 234: From Case Management to Court Room: Enhancing Case Prosecution (3 semester hours)

Course will cover proper and thorough documentation, note-taking and report-writing. It includes the necessity of understanding probability and uncertainty, recognizing distortion and limits of accuracy, and using logic and scientific methodology in robust investigations. A comprehensive examination of the successful approach called the Investigative Process will be included.

IGEN 324: Security and Law Enforcement – The Constitutional Umbrella (3 semester hours)

Course will cover the history and origin of the US Constitution with special emphasis on the Bill of Rights and how it influenced the US legal system. In addition the course exposes students to how these foundational legal issues pertain to and influence security and law enforcement and what law enforcement agents need to understand to effectively perform their duties vis-à-vis the formal legal environment in the United States.

Bellevue University is proud to offer educational opportunities to those who serve our country. About one third of Bellevue University’s students are military servicemembers, and many of our staff and faculty members, are military veterans.

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