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Military & Veteran Services Center

Military-Veteran Services Center

Established in 2013, the Military-Veteran Services Center (MVSC) at Bellevue University offers a welcoming central location with services and support. Fully staffed by veterans with experience in both in the field and in the classroom, our military and veteran students have a place to call their own.

What you will find at the Center.

  • A Military and Veteran Support Group, facilitated by a VA representative, meets to help military or veteran students dealing with issues related to their service and helping them see that they are not alone.
  • The Bellevue University Student Veterans Association, one of the largest chapters in the national Student Veterans of America.
  • Individual privacy suites available for a quiet place to study, as well as a lounge area for taking a break between classes or meeting up with others.
  • Career Services information including job boards and campus visits from local employers.

A global reach far beyond the building.

Watch the MVSC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Learn More about the Center

While the Center is located on the University’s main campus in Bellevue, Nebraska, the services and benefits of the center are available to our students around the globe. Beyond existing means of support online, over the phone or through email, BU is leveraging popular technologies with interactive functions such as Skype, instant messaging, Adobe Connect, Facebook and Twitter and many others to bring the services and support to the veteran and military member no matter where they are. Special presentations and events will be live streamed for students as well.

The Bellevue University Mentor Protégé — B.U.M.P — program was modeled after the smallest military units known as a Fire Team. The mission of the B.U.M.P team is to help ensure completion of the student’s goals. Comprised of three members:

  • Protégé - a student who is just beginning their journey with Bellevue University
  • Mentor-Protégé - a BU student that has navigated the ins and outs of Bellevue University and will be graduating in less than a year
  • Mentor - Both a veteran and a BU alum, Mentors are in a unique position to guide both the Protégé and the Mentor-Protégé in facing current challenges while preparing them for the future. Mentors provide support and guidance to the veteran protégés to help them achieve both their personal and professional goals.

The B.U.M.P. program was designed exclusively for military and veterans to help bridge the transition from the military to college student through graduation and beyond.

Why Bellevue University opened the MSVC on our campus.

President Hawkins Speaks at the MVSC Ribbon Cutting

Bellevue University’s commitment to serving the military and returning veterans dates back to our founding in 1966. Established by area leaders to serve the educational needs of adult learners from the Offutt AFB community located just one mile from our current campus, we continue to serve that mission; and strive to continually develop new programs and services to meet the evolving our servicemen and women and veteran student population both locally and around the world.

Recently awarded the prestigious ranking Top 3 Ranking in U.S. News Best Online Programs for Veterans by US News and World Report, our passion is to provide the best service and support possible for those that have so valiantly served our country.

To learn more about the MVSC, please contact JR Richardson at 800-756-7920, ext. 557-5002, or

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