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Army ROTC Program

Army ROTC Program (Creighton University)

Creighton University is one of 272 schools nationwide that sponsors a Military Science Program on a college campus. This program has a partnership agreement with Bellevue University which allows students to get their degree through Bellevue University and participate in this program and the benefits it has to offer. The Creighton Army ROTC program dates back to 1919. Over 2300 officers have graduated and been commissioned during this time. The Army ROTC program assists students with personnel development, ethics, values, tactics, and becoming leaders. Students can complete their degrees while training to become Army Officers in the United States Army. All majors and all levels (Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) are welcome to apply.

Scholarships Available:

The Army offers 2, 3, and 4 year full ride scholarships that pay full tuition, a monthly stipend that totals to approximately $4500/year and a book stipend of $1200/yr. When you graduate with your degree, you are guaranteed a full time job at a starting salary of about $43,000/year. Within 4 years you are making approximately $75,000/yr. Additionally, there are fully funded graduate school opportunities available after a student graduates (medical school, physical therapy, law school, and many more)

Scholarship Website:

Summer Internship

Our department also offers a summer Internship Opportunity called the Leader's Training Course. Completion of this course allows the student to compete for a 2 year scholarship, a $5,000 bonus, and $800 for attending. Airfare, lodging and food are all covered while attending. Internship includes: adventure training, water survival, land navigation, orienteering, marksmanship, team building exercises, and other simulated leadership exercises.

Internship Website:

If you may be interested in our program and the scholarship opportunities that exist, we would ask you to contact the Creighton University Army ROTC department at 280-1155.

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