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Maintenance Schedule

The University has established standard system maintenance windows that allow for system improvements to be installed in a planned approach. To minimize the impact on services that are important to you we have identified two seasonal periods that will be used for applying significant online classroom updates. These updates will be scheduled in the spring and in the fall so the impact can be managed.

The University also reserves a 1 hour window every Friday from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. for minor work such as server re-starts. The outage time for this window will not exceed 1 hour in duration.

In addition to the classroom updates noted above, Hardware maintenance windows will be scheduled monthly on the third Friday of every month to allow maintenance and new feature updates to be applied to other key systems. These maintenance windows will start as early as 5:30 p.m. Friday evening and will be completed by 6:30 a.m. the next morning.

Specific start times and information about which systems will be impacted are documented in the maintenance release below.

The following maintenance log lists the approved upgrades through 12/31/2012 that are going to take place by Bellevue University.

Current Maintenance Release Dates:
December 2014 Release

Upcoming Maintenance Release Dates:

Past Maintenance Release Dates:
November 2014 Release
October 2014 Release
September 2014 Release
August 2014 Release
July 2014 Release
June 2014 Release
May 2014 Release
April 2014 Release
March 2014 Release
February 2014 Release
January 2014 Release
December 2013 Release
November 2013 Release
October 2013 Release
September 2013 Release
August 2013 Release
July 2013 Release
June 2013 Release
May 2013 Release
April 2013 Release
March 2013 Release
February 2013 Release
January 2013 Release
December 2012 Release
November 2012 Release
October 2012 Release
September 2012 Release
August 2012 Release
July 2012 Release
June 2012 Release
May 2012 Release
April 2012 Release
March 2012 Release
February 2012 Release
January 2012 Release

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