Health Insurance

Mandatory Health Insurance for ALL International Students

All international students at Bellevue University are required to have health insurance at all times throughout their academic program at BU. At the time of registration each semester, international students must show their academic advisor proof of active health insurance coverage for the entire semester for which they are registering. Such health insurance must include coverage for repatriation and medical evacuation benefits. Students not complying with these regulations will be unable to register for classes until the health insurance requirement has been fulfilled.

At the present time, students are responsible for obtaining their own insurance plan directly with the company of their choice. However, as mentioned above, the health insurance plan must include benefits for repatriation and medical evacuation to the student’s home country. A list of possible health insurance plans for international students that include the repatriation and medical evacuation benefits can be found here or through the "Insurance Plan Options" link on the left.

Questions? Contact the International Student Coordinator at or by phone at (402)557-7280.

The Bellevue University International Programs Office is looking forward to a healthy year for all of our students!

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