Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Testing Clinic

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East of Bellevue University, just behind the Well’s Fargo Bank, University Plaza

All new international students at Bellevue University must attend a mandatory tuberculosis skin testing clinic during their first academic session at Bellevue University.

TB skin testing can be done on those students who may have received the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine in their home country.

The clinic consists of two days. The first day is for the application of the skin test. The second day, 48 hours later, is for the reading of the skin test result. Students must attend both days in order for the test to be valid.

A TB questionnaire will be completed at the time of the skin test.

A $20 cash payment will be required for the TB skin test.

It is recommended that all positive test results be reviewed with a physician at a separate visit.

A chest x-ray and a doctor’s appointment to review the results and discuss treatment recommendations will be need. Contact your insurance provider for copayment amounts and benefit limitations.

No Appointments Required for TB testing but the skin test cannot be read any later than 72 hours after skin injection.

Questions? Please contact the International Student Support Specialist.

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