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Master's Degree Requirements

All credit hours are stated in semester hours.

All graduating students must:

  • Meet all admission requirements;
  • Complete all curriculum requirements listed in the assigned University Catalog;
  • Pass all degree-required graduate courses with a grade of “C” or better;
  • Attain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

All credit hours are stated in semester hours.

Master's Degree Residence Requirements

  • Have at least 30 credit hours in-residence courses at Bellevue University (online courses are in-residence);
  • For a second degree, students must have their credits evaluated for possible transfer. Students must complete a minimum of 18 additional credit hours in-residence - earned after conferral of first degree.

Second Master's Degree

A student awarded a graduate degree from Bellevue University who would like to earn a second graduate degree must:

  • Complete all requirements of the first graduate degree;
  • Apply for and receive the first graduate degree;
  • Students must have their credits evaluated for possible transfer. With sufficient transfer credits students may be able to complete a minimum of 18 additional graduate credit hours from Bellevue University.
  • Complete all GPA and other academic procedural requirements in effect at the time of enrollment in a second graduate degree program. Two graduate degrees may not be awarded simultaneously.


Concentrations provide an area of focus for graduate students and a choice of various options in content areas for in-depth study within a master’s degree program. Concentrations are generally nine credit hours and may be taken in addition to the master’s degree requirements or, in some degree programs, they may be taken as part of the required credit hours.

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