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Types of Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships and Grants

These are awarded by the University primarily through the Admissions area or Athletic Department. Needs-based and merit-based scholarships are selected by scholarship committees through the Scholarships and Grants Program Office.

Annual and Endowed Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by donations from organizations or individuals and are awarded based upon criteria set up by the donor. These needs-based scholarships are selected by scholarship committees throught the Scholarships and Grant Program Office.

Outside Scholarships

All scholarships that do not fall into the previous categories are referred to as outside scholarships. Whatever their source, they are processed through the Financial Aid Office to ensure that an over-award situation does not occur with Title IV federal funds and to ensure that the student's account is properly credited with the funds received. Please report all outside financial aid awarded to

How to Find Additional Scholarships Outside of the College/University

Other Resources

Another excellent source of free scholarship information is available through the EducationQuest Foundation located in Omaha at 11031 Elm Street (Rock Brook Village). Visit their web site at

Free Scholarship Search Sites:

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