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Tips for Applying for a Scholarship

Before you get started:

  • You will need to supply your Bellevue University student ID number. (Therefore, you must first submit your application for admission to be assigned your ID number). Once you have these, you will be able to create your STARS Online profile.
  • Enable cookies and allow pop-ups.
  • Use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox
  • Add to your trusted email contacts.

In STARS online:

  • Complete all required areas of the scholarship application in full. If you do not have an answer for a required filed, type N/A.
  • Have someone review your essay answers before you submit the application. You can type your answers in Word and cut and paste into the online application.
  • If you have a double major, select just one. You will be asked about your educational plans in the essay portion, so you can mention your double major then.
  • If you are a current/returning Bellevue University student you will be asked for your Student Grade Status and Earned Credits. Use this schedule to ensure the proper response:
    • 0-29 credits = Freshman
    • 30-59 credits = Sophomore
    • 60-89 credits = Junior
    • 90 or more credits = Senior
  • Submit all required documentation for each scholarship you are applying for. Failure to provide the required documents will result in disqualification.
  • Be sure to observe individual scholarship deadlines.
  • Please read the criteria for each scholarship carefully and be sure to answer any additional essay questions that may be required.
  • After you have completed your application, be sure to click the "Apply Now" button to ensure you are actually submitting your application for the scholarships.

Helpful Information and Documents:

  • If awarded a scholarship and further documentation is required, you must submit these items prior to your award(s) being place on your student account.
  • Some scholarships require students to show financial need, this will be based on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Thanks for your interest in Bellevue University.

When you click the submit button below, our staff will contact you within 48 hours to get you the information you need and answer any questions.

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