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Thanking the Donors

If you received an Annual or Endowed Scholarship your award is funded solely through the generosity of donors. Without donors, many of our scholarships would not be possible. Therefore taking the time to thank donors for helping you attend college is important.

You were awarded a scholarship because your personal situation, qualities, attributes and academic abilities stood above all other worthy applicants. Having your thank you letter on file impacts the disbursement of the scholarship(s) for which you were selected as well as your eligibility for future scholarship awards.

Tips for Thank You Letters

  • Double-check the letter for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Put your personality in the letter. Help the donor to understand who you are and how their gift is going to impact your future. Express enthusiasm.
  • Let them know what your academic and career goals are.
  • Keep it brief and write clearly and concisely.
  • If the scholarship(s) you were awarded requires a thank you letter, upload the thank you letter to your scholarship application.

Thank You Letter Sample Format


Name of the Donor (see award letter)

Dear Donor,

First paragraph: State the purpose of your letter.

Second paragraph: Share a little about yourself and indicate why the scholarship is important to you and your academic success.

Third paragraph: Close the letter by thanking the donor again and make a commitment to do well with the donor's investment.


Typed name (if letter is typed)

Thanks for your interest in Bellevue University.

When you click the submit button below, our staff will contact you within 48 hours to get you the information you need and answer any questions.

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