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How to Find Additional Scholarships Outside of the College/University

A guide to all the available places to find scholarships:

  • Does your church, synagogue or other faith-based institution offer scholarships? What about your local Knights of Columbus?
  • Did your parents attend the college or university you are considering? If so, ask about "legacy" scholarships.
  • Outside of government benefits for military service or being a dependent of a military serviceperson, check with your local G.I. Forum to see if scholarships are available.
  • Are you involved in ROTC or do you want to be involved? Several high schools and colleges have scholarships for those involved in ROTC.
  • Are you a cancer survivor? The American Cancer Society offers scholarships for those with a history of the disease. This is also the case with survivors of many other health and medical related conditions. Check the local, regional and national chapters to see if you qualify.
  • Where do your parents work? Do they work for a credit union? Are they a city employee (police/fire)? Many employers offer scholarships for their employees or employee dependents. Ask your parents to talk with their company's HR department to see if such scholarships exist.
  • What about your employer? Don't forget to check with the place you work to see if they offer tuition reimbursement or scholarships for their employees.
  • As a child, were you in the foster care system? If so, there might be local scholarships available. Check with your city and state's Health and Human Services Department to see if scholarships are available.
  • Were you a Girl Scout or Boy Scout growing up? Are you still involved with Scouting? If you received your Silver or Gold Award in Girl Scouts or the Eagle Scout Award in Boy Scouts, there are many scholarship opportunities available. Contact your local scouting office for more information.
  • Can you draw? Dance? Sing? Act? Write? There are quite a few of non-academic or needs- based scholarships for those with special talents. Check with your local performing arts theaters, art studios, dance schools and studios.
  • What part of town do you live in? Where did you go to high school? How about elementary school? Sometimes location does matter. There are many foundations, organizations and companies that offer scholarships based on where a student lives. Check with your high school or the college you plan to attend.
  • Involved in community service? Check your local Rotary, Elks or Kiwanis clubs as many offer scholarships to students who are heavily involved in serving their community. Also check with AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps as their maybe opportunities based on the service you've already given. You may even get loan forgiveness for the service work you've performed.

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