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How to Apply for Scholarships

Bellevue University's scholarship application system STARS Online is no longer available. We are currently transitioning out of the STARS Online system and into a new scholarship application and managment system. The new system provides a more flexible platform to better match students to the array of scholarship opportunities offered at Bellevue University, as well as a much more user-friendly approach to searching and applying for scholarships. The site will be integrated with BRUIN, so students will not have to create another account but instead utilize BRUIN credentials to sign on. This will authenticate student information and prepopulate many required fields within the scholarship application, saving time! Students will still be able to manage their own information, apply for multiple scholarships and check award status from any computer.

All aid received from sources outside Bellevue University must be reported to the student's Financial Counselor. Financial aid which has been awarded in response to your financial need is subject to change, if upon receipt of other aid, your total aid exceeds your demonstrated financial need, as required by state and federal regulations.

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