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External Awards

What is an External Award?

External awards are self-reported to Bellevue University as aid from outside sources; military tuition assistance, corporate assistance, tuition remission, and scholarships and grants given by other sources than Bellevue University. These types of aid are factored into your award calculation because the total aid you are eligible to receive for the award period cannot exceed your deemed cost of attendance. The financial aid award package may be adjusted upon receipt and review of other sources of aid.

How do I report an External Award?

Steps to complete the reporting of other sources of aid are the following:

  • Log into BRUIN at
  • Click on My Info category
  • Click on My Financial Aid
  • Click on My Finances & Aid
  • Click on Report Aid From Other Sources
  • Click Aid Year you wish to view
  • Select the Award, Type, Description(if applicable) and dollar amount
  • Then Save award

Repeat steps for all additional aid from other sources.

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