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Organizational Tuition Assistance Option:

Step 2: Organizational Tuition Assistance:

How do I apply for Military Tuition Assistance (TA)?

You need to contact your base education office and speak with an education services officer. This office will counsel you in the process of using your military tuition assistance.

How much Military Tuition Assistance will I get if my program runs across fiscal years?

Each active duty service member is eligible for $4500 in tuition assistance per military fiscal year. (October 1 through September 30).

I'm in the Nebraska Air National Guard-how can I pay for the other 25% that State TA won't cover?

There are other payment options that may be available to you. Please contact your Student Financial Counselor to discuss how you will be able to pay the percentage not covered by the Nebraska Air National Guard.

How do I submit my Tuition Assistance documents?

You may submit your TA documents via PDF file to You may also fax your TA documents to 402-557-5410.

Will the number of credit hours I'm taking affect how much Tuition Assistance I receive?

You will receive $250 per credit hour capping at $4500 per military fiscal year if you are active duty.

Do I need to complete a new Military TA request for every class?

You need to submit a TA request to your base education officer for each course you will enroll in.

Do you have my Letter of Credit (LOC) or Tuition Assistance Form (TA)?

To determine if Bellevue University has received your LOC or TA document, please log into your Student Center and look at your "To Do's. If the LOC or TA document is not listed, Bellevue University has received your document. You will also receive an email confirmation once it is received by the university.

Where do I send or fax a letter of credit?

You may fax your Letter of Credit to 402-557-5410 or email as an attachment to:

Do I need a Letter of Credit (LOC) for each class?

This depends on how your employer sets up your tuition assistance plan. Some will provide a LOC for a specific date range or a specific dollar amount or for a specific course name. You will need to check with your employer.

How do I download a Direct Bill Authorization for my employer to fill out?

Download and use the Corporate Tuition Assistance Direct Billing Authorization form.

Where do I send or fax my Direct Bill Authorization form?

You may fax your Letter of Credit to 402-557-5410 or email as an attachment to:

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