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Checklist for Cash-Self Pay Option:

Make a Payment

How can I make a payment toward charges on my student account?

  • Credit / Debit Card or ACH Online
    Make a payment online via Card /Debit Card or E-Check via the TouchNet Account Center
  • Paper Checks, Credit / Debit Card
    Pay at the Welcome Center
  • Cash Payment
    Pay at the Welcome Center
  • Mail Payments via US Postal Service
    Bellevue University
    Attn: Student Accounts
    1000 Galvin Road South
    Bellevue, Nebraska 68005
  • Wire Transfer
    Wire Transfer Page

How can I make a non-Tuition payment (for example test registration, library payment, donation)?

  • Credit / Debit Card or ACH Online
    Make a Non-Tuition payment online
  • Paper Checks, Credit / Debit Card
    Pay at the Welcome Center
  • Cash Payment
    Pay at the Welcome Center
  • Mail Payments via US Postal Service
    Bellevue University
    Attn: Student Accounts
    1000 Galvin Road South
    Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

Do you accept payments from foreign bank accounts?

Payments received via check from non-United State bank accounts are accepted however excess funds will not be released until confirmation of funds availability. Bellevue University also accepts foreign wire transfers. For more information, contact Student Accounts at

Can I get a receipt of payment?

When you make your payment online, you will receive an email confirmation of payment. If you make your payment on campus, you will be provided a receipt. If you need an additional receipt, please contact Bellevue University's OneStop Service Center at (800) 756-7920 / (402) 293-2000, option 0 or by email at

Billing Statements

When do I receive a monthly Statement?

Billing Statements are generated one week after registration occurs and every twenty-eight days thereafter. An email will be sent to your Bellevue University student email address when a new statement is ready for you to view. You may not receive a Billing Statement if your address is not correct, if you have no charges, if your account has been sent to a Collection Agency or if you have filed bankruptcy.

How do I read my student account or bill?

Your statement will detail the unpaid tuition and fees as well as financial aid, scholarships, grants, personal and corporate payments posted to your account since the previous months statement. Any past due balance will be reflected on each statement. The Amount Due Now is due upon receipt of the statement.

How do I verify my tuition and fee charges are accurate?

You can visit the Cost of Tuition and Fees section to view tuition and fee cost or inquire at

How can I get another copy of my bill?

You can obtain a copy of your bill by visiting

How do I request a Statement of Account?

You may request a Statement of Account by following these steps:

  • Log into BRUIN
  • Click on My Info category
  • Under Student Resources, click Payment Options
  • Click on Statement of Account Request

This document may be used for a variety of reasons such as reimbursement by your employer or for tax purposes.

Can other parties receive information and discuss my student account?

In order to comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, Bellevue University must have an Information Release Form on file to discuss any financial information with another party. Click Here to view a list of Common Forms. Select the Information Release Form, which can be printed, completed in full, and returned to the University by fax or email.

Consequences for Nonpayment

What are the consequences of non-payment?

Your account is considered in a past due status 1 day after the Due Date of the course. An account hold will be placed on your account preventing registration as well as the release of transcripts and diplomas. You will also be at risk for withdrawal from all future classes if payment is not made within 7 days of the account entering a past due status. If a balance cannot be paid in full, payment arrangements can be made by contacting an Account Resolution Specialist at 1-866-664-7008 or After all internal resolution activity has been exhausted and a past due balance still remains, your account will be turned over to a collection agency.

Will I ever be withdrawn for Non-Payment?

Bellevue University reserves the right to financially withdraw you if your student account is in a past due status. Withdrawal for non-payment can occur when you have not satisfied a past due balance prior to the start of your courses. While in this past due status a student has 7 days to resolve the balance. If the balance is not resolved within 7 days the student will be withdrawn from all future courses.

How do I get Re-enrolled after Non-Payment Withdrawal?

To be reenrolled in a course(s), payment must be made immediately. It is important to note that the payment must satisfy the past due balance as well as the amount due for the next scheduled course(s) if it is within 14 days of the start date. Once payment is made, it is critical for you to make contact with your Enrollment Counselor or Academic Advisor as soon as possible. This contact is a critical step in the reenrollment process. Resolving a past due account balance does not automatically reenroll you into your future course(s).

Reenrollment may only occur if your next scheduled class has not started. Reenrollment is also contingent on the availability of course(s). If you have any questions, please contact an Account Resolution Specialist at 1-866-664-7008 or

What are Past due Account Holds?

Past due account holds will be placed on your student account if you are in a past due status with Bellevue University. This hold will remain on your account until all past due balances are paid in full. Account holds are viewable in the Student Services Center by logging into your Student Account.

What are the consequences of having a hold on my account?

If a hold is placed on your account you will not be able to register for future classes. Transcripts and diplomas will also be unavailable until all holds are resolved and your account returns to a good standing status.

How do I Resolve a Past Due Hold?

To resolve a past due hold you must pay the past due amount in full and bring your account to a current status. Please refer to the Payment Options section for more information on how to pay on your account. Students may also contact an Account Resolution Specialist at 1-866-664-7008 or for more information on resolving a hold.

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