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Faculty Absences

Faculty Absence Form

  • You are responsible for notifying the college of your absence & of the substitution

Finding a substitute for your class

  • Please do NOT hire a substitute on your own; we must have credentials on everyone who teaches

Faculty Absences – you should contact your college at least 2 weeks before you will be absent

If you will be absent:

  • CPS: Contact your Program Director to make arrangements.
  • CIT: Contact your CIT office to make arrangements.
  • CAS: Contact your CAS office to make arrangements.
  • COB: Contact the COB office to make arrangements.

Rescheduling Class Time

  • Coordinate the new time with your students
  • Contact your College's assistant/secretary to notify of the rescheduling or include it on your absence form
  • Complete a "Facilities Request" in B.R.U.I.N. to reserve a classroom for the new time

NOTE: Instructors are NOT to leave their classroom before the students at the end of the class session or unattended for more than a few minutes due to theft and vandalism!

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