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Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is responsible for strategies related to assessment of student learning, particularly at the program or program-equivalent level. CAE will provide assistance related to creating learning outcome statements, selecting assessment measures, designing assessment rubrics, and developing a data-gathering strategy. Additional priorities for CAE include projects related to continuous quality improvement for teaching and learning encompassing faculty development opportunities for full-time and adjunct faculty. CAE also assists with maintaining an inventory of current ARC syllabi for the University.


CAE coordinates arrangements and announcements of webinars, seminars, and workshops across a variety of topics. Faculty are welcome to suggest topics or events they would like to have assistance with coordination and preparations. Topics related to teaching and learning are always of interest and possible candidates for a seminar topic. Collaborative events with the Center for Learning Innovation (CLI Roundtable) and the Library are offered for faculty participation. A webinar library is also available for faculty use.

All Faculty Community

The All Faculty Community is located in Blackboard and serves as a resource center. The All Faculty Community is available to any faculty teaching in a given term. It includes discussion boards for questions and answers, frequently used forms, and other resource information.

Blackboard Questions

An online training specialist is available by phone and email to answer questions regarding the use of Blackboard. Frequent questions relate to using the Grade Center. Call (402)557-7149.

Faculty Weekly

A weekly newsletter is emailed to all faculty. The Faculty Weekly receives contributions from the three academic colleges and the three academic centers. The Newsletter includes Blackboard tips and hints, reminders of due dates for various academic operations, and a calendar of faculty-related events such as Library workshops and CAE seminars. The topics are selected based on the direct impact or interest to faculty.

Assessing Student Learning

CAE offers a variety of resource materials and learning opportunities for faculty members to utilize when they are creating curriculum or assessment strategies in order to monitor student learning.

  • General information related to developing strategies for assessment of student learning
  • Assessment resources - webinars, examples, peer reviewers
  • Rubrics - construction, adaptation, norming, piloting
  • Student Learning Outcomes - drafting, modification, peer review; Program Outcomes; and Course Objectives
  • WEAVE support - assisting faculty in the use of WEAVE, either to use themselves or to offer support in storing Program Annual Assessment Reports (PAAR)
  • Consulting or advisory resources for individuals or small groups


Linda Wild, (402) 557-7154

Administrative Assistant

Nancye Alexander, (402) 557-7151

Online Faculty Trainer

Amanda Miller, (402) 557-7149

Faculty Development Coordinator

Terra Beethe, (402) 557-7145

Assessment Analyst

Cassie Eno, (402) 557-7661

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