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Screen Shots

Use Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, or Word to Take Screenshots in Office 2010

Take clips of a single window in any region of the screen.

By default, Windows allows you to take screenshots only of the entire screen by hitting the Print Screen button and then copying the image into an image editor. However, you can take clips of a single window or any region of the screen in PowerPoint, OneNote, or Word 2010. You can then edit and save these screens to your hard drive or use them in your documents. To take a screen shot in any of these programs:

  • Navigate to the Insert tab and click the Screenshot button. A pull down menu with a list of open windows appears.
  • To take a screenshot of a window, select that window. To grab a region of the screen instead, select Screen Clipping. If you select Screen Clipping, the entire screen will be shaded in white and a crosshairs will appear, allowing you to draw a box around the area you want to capture.

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